About Cloudbase Software

Cloudbase Software is:

  • Not selling a pre-packaged product or service. We have common components on hand to speed development, but ultimately we build tailor-made, custom solution that solves your challenges according to your business needs.
  • Not new at this. Over 25 years of development experience means we know a thing or two and we want to utilize that experience to your advantage.
  • Wanting to earn your trust and become a key component in your success. Your success is our success.
  • Wanting to chat about "what's possible". Often times business don't even know what can be achieved, or at what cost. It's often best to just call and have a conversation. It's free!
  • Waiting for you to call or email!

The Story Behind Our Name

Aside from the obvious related tie-in of being a technology company that has a deep understanding of cloud-related technologies, the other factor in chooosing 'Cloudbase' as our name comes from the passion the owner has for hang gliding. 'Cloud base' is the highest altitude a hang glider pilot can climb because that it where the rising columns of air (thermals) end, condensation begins, and a cumulus cloud is formed.


We serve many industries and do not limit what sectors of business can benefit from our services. We do however have specialty knowledge in the printing, publishing, automotive, translation, medical instrument service, agriculture, and a few other business industries.

If you take a look at these from the angle of 'what types of 'things' do these business do' and how it loosly translates to your needs you'd find we have specialty knowledge in these areas:

  • Contact / Relationship Management
  • Project / Job Management
  • Inventory / Order Management
  • Job Costing
  • Invoicing (Including QuickBooks / Xero integration)
  • Estimating
  • Contracts

We're located in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan but will happily travel to you, wherever you are, as needed! We of course have a vast array of ways to work remotely as well.

Hey now... we're small too. It's what makes us as attentive as we are! Every customer is incredibly important to us and we do our best in all projects big and small. Just have a quick question about something you're already working on but stuck? Give us a call and perhaps we can get you back on track.

Good question! Well, there are always the 'it depends' factors, but in Michigan on a really good day I've been as high as 7,500 feet and flew for over 3 hours!